HS1750 SAW

The HKL Mini frame and the HS1750 is a strong and effective combination for your mini loader. The HS1750 saw is capable of cutting branches as thick as 15 cm, which makes this tool-combination the ideal choice for dense and compact hedges, trees and bushes. The trimmer bar can be turned into horizontal position with the HKL Mini frame’s tilt function, and the side extension provides you with an excellent view over the work area. This combination allows you to trim the hedge with clean cuts, even when challenged by the toughest branches.

Technical details

Working width

1750 mm

Branch dia.

150 mm

Work speed

3-5 km/h

Width of frame

2100 mm

Side extension

1000 mm

Oil l/min

50 l(max)

Oil pressure

150 bar (max)


3 á Ø600 mm


200 kg