The Elkær Berry Trimmer 4R Easy Steer trims berrybushes fast and effectively. The fruit-carrying branches are trimmed in a V-shape immediately after the harvest, ensuring a continuous renewal of the branches. This provides the best possible yield from your bushes and makes the time and labor consuming harvest-process easier. The Berry Trimmer 4R Easy Steer may drive as fast as 8 km/h without compromising maneuverability due to the Easy Steer system. It is a highly flexible tool with a capacity to suit all needs. The Berry Trimmer has a working width of 1.6 meters. It may be adjusted to different row-spacings, and it uses only 30 l oil/min, and thus making it possible to mount it on the front on almost every tractor. Moreover, the Berry Trimmer is fitted with a mechanical device, which enables you to cut right at the root of the bushes.

Technical details

Working width

1600 mm

Working speed

0-8 km/h

Oil l/min

30 l (min)

Oil pressure

150 bar (max)


225 kg

Variable angle


Easy Steer system